Lesson #1 – The Idea

Lesson #1 of the course focuses on how to formulate the product idea in a concise way


The idea of writing my Business Analysis course birthed in my head when my boss gave me the task of coaching other people in my organization.

It turned out suddenly I am one of the most senior Business Analysts (sic! when did it happen?) in the company and for some reason people like to listen to me. Regardless, there are many courses online, why on earth I am writing additional one?

Perhaps I should use the Elevator Pitch technique described in Geoffrey Moore’s book Crossing the Chasm to figure it out?

For (target customers)
Who are dissatisfied with (the current market alternative)
Our product is a (new product category)
That provides (key problem-solving capability).
Unlike (the product alternative),
Our product (describe the key product features).

So here we go:

For Business Analysts with little or some experience on the market

Who are dissatisfied with heavyweight courses and big books with knowledge

My product is a lightweight and subjective business analysis course

That provides practical knowledge on how to combine traditional and modern BA techniques

Unlike heavyweight courses and big books with knowledge

My product will teach you how to create a software product backlog from the scratch

What did I just do? When I sat down this morning and finally decided to start writing the course, I didn’t know that I am going to use Elevator Pitch to describe what this course is going to be. I figured it out on the fly – and this is what I intend to do with every next subject. My promise is that:

  • I am going to be Agile to the bone
  • I am going to show many techniques (and perhaps their alternatives) in practice
  • I am going to gather feedback (use comments, please) and react.

One more thing – the name. Naming things is important. Let’s call it “The Business Analyst Guide to the Galaxy,” quite lame – I didn’t put much thought to it – I will probably change it when new, the better name occurs to me.

If you’re still interested – lesson one is coming below.

The idea

First of all, my idea is to invent the application from scratch. Usually, I work on someone else’s ideas, but this is not the case here. Since the course is something I do after hours, I will be missing few elements from the real process. I need to make some assumptions and have in mind that this is all fake, no real application is going to be developed based on that course. There are no real users, stakeholders, but most important – there is no money. My application, my rules, my game, so I have a full decision on priorities, features, everything. I AM A PRODUCT OWNER. So how to best describe THE IDEA? Elevator Pitch is something I used before – so here we go again:

For amateur sports team coaches, players, managers, and supporters

Who are dissatisfied with traditional ways of managing the amateur sports team

My product is a team management software

That provides unique way of organizing the team in a single app

Unlike traditional ways of managing the amateur sports team

My product:

  • lets coaches organize training and draft the players for games,
  • Allows players to inform about their availability and track their progress,
  • Enables managers to remove team members’ impediments
  • Advises supporters about upcoming events and team progress


Makes sense? It does to me, and I said this is going to be subjective!

Lastly, let’s name the application. How about: “Squad.me”? I hereby note that the name is subject to change in the future.

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