Lesson #2 – The high-level concept

During Lesson #2 of the course I will try to formulate the high level concept of the product.


I have the idea for the product. In the next step, I try to present few ways of figuring out the big picture of the concept.

Firstly, let’s go one step back. There could’ve been tons of other blog posts that I could write covering the subject of an idea of the product. I could write for a long time on all the user research that needs to be done, all the stakeholder analysis that is missing, mainly – all the market research that we would do in real life to prove that what we’re doing makes sense. I will not do that for now for one simple reason. I design this course to show the big picture of the business analysis. I prefer to go through all the aspects of real analysis presenting few techniques that are helpful first. I hope to create a BA toolbox, not a scientific thesis.

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